10gen: M101 MongoDB for Developers : PreFinal

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Подходят к концу первые курсы от 10gen по MongoDB.

Мои результаты

Мои результаты

Очень интересные, простые и местами не очень задания, удобный портал.

Кстати в январе курсы перезапускаются, планирую пройти курс для администраторов.

А пока, письмо к пятой недели:

Greetings from M101,

Welcome to week five. This week we will be talking about the aggregation framework, a way to compute aggregate functions over an entire collection. The homework for week five will be due on Wednesday, December 5th at 11:00 p.m. EST (04:00 GMT 6 December 2012).

There will also be homework for week six. Week seven, which should begin about December 10th, will have no homework. That week is dedicated to some case studies and should be a bit lighter. The final exam will be due on Monday, December 17th at 11:00 p.m. EST (04:00 GMT 18 December 2012).

Your final grade will be compromised of an average of your homework scores along with your final, weighting your homework and final 50% each. We will also be dropping the lowest week’s homework grades. The progress page on the course will reflect this methodology before the end of the course.

Students who achieve 65% overall will be eligible to receive a certificate of completion for the course, which will be a PDF document from 10gen, signed by myself. Certificates probably won’t be released until the new year.

We plan to re-run the course starting January 21st, in mostly the same form as it exists today. In addition, we will run M102 again starting January 21st and introduce a new version of the developer course that uses Java rather than Python.

Thanks for your continued effort in the course.


Andrew Erlichson

VP, Education


ps. Получил сертификат.

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