Fix code block after hugo update

One minute read in Hugo

I update this blog from Hugo 0.55 to 0.68 and this broke how code blocks is rendering. Ugly black appears:

<pre style="color:#f8f8f2;background-color:#272822;-moz-tab-size:4;-o-tab-size:4;tab-size:4"><code class="language-kotlin" data-lang="kotlin">...</code></pre>

Before it was much clear markup:

<pre><code class="language-kotlin">...</code></pre>

It’s very unfortunate, that renderer adds some inline styles, because it’s hacky to override them from css. Fortunately there are option exists, that disables that behaviour:

# config.yml
    noClasses: false

It still adds class to markup, and additional div around, but hey, that’s much better, and I wonder why this is not default behaviour.

I think I need to continue my work on kpress to not dealing with such issues.

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