Desk Setup 2020

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Standing Desk

Essential part of setup. I bought just mechanism from AOKE Europe: AK2YJRT-ZF3


And order chipboard in local shop.

Walking Pad

Because we’re working from home these days, my activity much lover than usually, so I decided to buy walking pad to use while working, watching or gaming. My choice is Xiaomi WalkingPad A1 – cheap, simple, up to 6 km/h walking pad.

Xiaomi WalkingPad A1

Monitor Arm

Switching from chair to desk should be relativity easy, so I split desk (140 cm) in two parts - walking and standing/seating. And, since I have only one monitor, it’s not easy to move it, I decided to buy monitor arm.

My choice is Onkron G100S:

Onkron G100S

Of course, I wanted to get an LX Desk Monitor, but they are very expensive in our market.

Microphone Arm

Rode PSA1 + AT2020USB+. Not sure if I really need shock mount and pop-filter, but considering adding them in setup.

What next

  1. I use home-build PC and Macbook Pro 15 (2015), and switching between then is a pain, but I’m working on cable setup
  2. Cable management
  3. Ambient light for long winter nights

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